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Ronnie Simpson - Director of Public Information


  • To provide accurate and timely information to St. Tammany Parish residents regarding emergency and government issues through all available media.
  • To administer Access St. Tammany, Cable Channel 197 SD.
  • To educate citizens about parish government, government services, and general information regarding St.  Tammany Parish.

Access st. tammany channel

A government access channel was granted to St. Tammany Parish Government to provide cable subscribers with parish government television programs, public meetings, and public service announcements. The channel is administered by St. Tammany Parish Government.

Access St. Tammany is available through multiple service providers. Charter communication subscribers can find us on Channel 197 SD, and Channel 710 1080i HD with the digital cable box. AT&T U-verse subscribers can find us on Interactive channel 99, menu item Access St. Tammany. Web users and smart tv owners can view our high definition webstream at

As part of the Government's cable franchise agreements with the cable operator, they also pay the parish for use of the public right of ways. These funds, known as franchise fees, are part of the parish government general fund.

The programming and scheduling of the channel is supervised by the department director. Programming decisions are the exclusive right of parish government. The government exclusively reserves the right to accept or reject outside programming.


  1. Increase citizen awareness, understanding and participation in parish government,
  2. Serve as a forum for on-going dialogue of issues pertaining to parish government,
  3. Enhance interaction and communication between citizens and their elected parish officials,
  4. Encourage debate and discussion of ideas on local issues,
  5. Provide on-going and updated information about parish government services and programs,
  6. Produce and cablecast programs that inform, educate, enlighten and encourage participation in parish   government, its services, activities and decision making,
  7. Broadcast information of service to the residents of St. Tammany Parish.

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