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The Department of Planning & Development/Permits is committed to protecting lives and ensuring safety of the residents and visitors, preserving the Parish's quality of life, and contributing to economic development. This is accomplished through adoption, implementation and enforcement of building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes.

The parish's permit system gives customers access to their permit information, building documents, and their permit schedules.

To create your customer account, follow these instructions: (Please note MyPermitNow will call your phone to verify your account after you create it)

1. Go to
2. Click on green Customer Portal button
3. Click on green New Account button
4. Read the notes concerning the phone number you wish you use for your account and click Next
5. Complete the New Account Form and click Submit
6. Click Done to return to the Customer Portal Homepage



Regular Inspection Hours Are 8:30 - 4:30 Monday -Friday

General Information
• Building Permit Data (pdf)
• Commercial Permit Application Packet (pdf)
• Residential Permit Application Packet (pdf)
• Residential Mobile Home Permit Application (pdf)
• Required Inspection Standards and Procedures (pdf)
• New Contractor Registration Form (pdf)
Requirements for Residential Swimming Pools (pdf)
Requirements for Commercial Sign Plan Review (pdf)
• 2017 Parish Contractor Renewal Form (pdf)
• Mechanical Sub Contractor Filings (pdf)
• Plumbing Sub Contractor Filings (pdf)
• Electrical Sub Contractor Filings (pdf)
• Gas Sub Contractor Filings (pdf)
• Fee Schedule Sub Contractor Filings (pdf)
• Building Code of St. Tammany (pdf)
• 2006 Stair Code (pdf)
Uniform Construction Codes and Amendments Effective 1-1-2014 (pdf)
• Homeowner/Builder Affidavit (pdf)
• Residential Modular Home Affidavit (pdf)
Solar Accessory Checklist Packet (pdf)
Solar Roof Mounted Checklist Packet (pdf)
Northshore Total Duct Verification Form (pdf)
Building Thermal Envelope Inspection (pdf)
Sample Plot Plan (pdf)
• Impact Fees Fact Sheet  (pdf)
• EMPG Permits (pdf)