Monday, 13 February 2017 13:56

Board of Adjustment Meeting - March 7, 2017

The St. Tammany Parish Board of Adjustment shall hear testimony for and/or against the following variance/appeal cases brought before it for the Tuesday, March 7 2017 Board of Adjustment meeting at 3:00PM, located at the St. Tammany Parish Government Complex, 21490 Koop Drive, Parish Council Chambers, Mandeville, Louisiana:
BOA CASE NO. 2017-560-BOA
Request by applicant for an “after the fact” variance of a front yard setback for a primary residence in a PUD Planned Unit Development zoning district from 30' required to approximately 9 ½ ' feet requested . The property is located at 248 Chateau Papillon, Mandeville, Louisiana.
Applicant: Apex Homes, L.L.C. 
BOA CASE NO. 2017-572-BOA
Request by applicant for a variance of a rear yard setback requirement in an A-1 Suburban zoning district from 25' required to 0' requested.  The property is located at 58410 Lake Road, Lacombe, Louisiana.
Applicant: John S. Kain
BOA CASE NO. 2017-573-BOA
Request by applicant for a variance to eliminate the required 8' opaque fence along the entire western boundary line of the property in a MD-1 Medical Residential zoning district. The property is located at 601 Holy Trinity Drive, Covington, Louisiana. 
Applicant: St. Anthony’s Garden 
BOA CASE NO. 2017-574-BOA
Request by applicant for a variances to permit business to advertise on a subdivision sign in lieu of a multi-occupancy sign, for masonry construction and permitted height, for property in an I-2 Industrial zoning district. The property is located at the intersection of LA Highway 36 and Industry Park, east of Covington, Louisiana. 
Applicant: Faye Q. Loyd 
BOA CASE NO. 2017-575-BOA
Request by applicant for a variances to relocate portions of the 10' landscape buffers and to eliminate some trees within same in an HC-2 Highway Commercial zoning district. The property is located at 210 New Camellia Boulevard, west of Covington, Louisiana. 
Applicant: Robert & Billie Comeaux
/s/ Sidney Fontenot, Director
Department of Development